Matoya Bay full course: A bay tour on a boat with BBQ grilled Abalone & Ise ebi

Deluxe ingredients ! Abalone and lobsters in a single plan ! As fresh as it gets !

This is a 1-minute excursion program on Daitomaru Kanko's sightseeing boat "Manatee 90" that cruises around Matoya Bay while enjoying a barbecue on the boat.
The barbecue on the boat is a "Matoya Bay Full Course with Abalone and Ise Shrimp" to get the best taste of fresh Shima cuisine.
As fresh as it gets !

What to bring & what to wear

Nothing in particular. Coming empty-handed is the norm for this experience so count on us!

Included in the set (for one person)

1 abalone / 2 lobster / 1 prawn /XNUMX prawn/XNUMX squid/XNUMX butter clams/XNUMX sausages/XNUMX string fish/ vegetables / rice / red miso soup / pickles
*Some items may be subject to change depending on the season and availability.
*Beverages are not included. (Bottled beer 660 yen, Sake 550 yen, Juice 330 yen, etc.)
*The price includes the boarding fee.


Air-conditioning and heating.
Toilets available.
Deck on the XNUMXnd floor.


Capacity of 36 people in total; program is limited to 6 or more people.
Please inquire separately for programs for 20 or more people.
Please note that the boat may not be able to depart due to weather conditions.


The meeting place
3628 Agocho Kou, Shima, Mie 420-XNUMX
Watakano Ferry Terminal
Required Time
Up to 1 hours 30 minutes.
Experience location
3628 Agocho Kou, Shima, Mie 420-XNUMX
Watakano Ferry Terminal
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