Statue of Ise ebi King

Take a commemorative picture with the king !

A humorous and unique character of Hamajima, the Ise Shrimp Kingdom, standing along Route 260, he was appointed as a guide ambassador of Bintama Road in November 2018. Wearing a necklace of bintama, he will guide you safely to the road even in the dark. If you visit the surroundings, how about taking a commemorative photo with the statue of the King Ise ebi in the background?


517-0404 Hamajimacho Hamajima, Shima, Mie 1551-1
Time taken
10 minutes
Parking Lot
yes: 3 parking spaces
Public transportation: 20 minutes by bus from Ugata to Shukuura, short walk from Hirano bus stop.
Lighting hours: Sunset - 23:00 (all year round)
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