Oyahama Beach (BIG ARROW BEACH)

Convenience at its best! Park on the beach, open the car door, and you're right at the beach!

A beautiful sandy beach with quiet waves where you can easily enjoy the ocean. This is the place where the "Ise ebi Festival" is held in early June (not in XNUMX for GXNUMX).

*Please be sure to use the paid parking lot if you are coming by car.


Hamajima, Hamajima-cho, Shima 517-0404
+080 (9119) 4062 XNUMX XNUMX Shima Sports Commission
Opening hours
Rescue and surveillance : 8:00 ~ 16:00
Safety Prayer Festival 2023: July 7 ~ 12:10
Sea bathing period 2023: July 7 to August 13
Parking (1 day): Passenger cars: 1500 yen, medium-sized vehicles: 3000 yen, large buses: 3000 yen
Rest area: 2000 yen/tatami mat (about 8 tatami mat) (00:16-00:XNUMX)
Beach volleyball: 1000 yen,Badminton: 1000 yen, Sea kayak : 3000 yen for adults and 2500 for children
For details, see the official website of Oyahama Beach.
Reservation link
Facilities & Installations
Changing rooms: Free of charge
Restrooms: (1) separate for men and women
Lockers: No
Luggage storage: No
Showers: Room temperature water 200 yen for elementary schooler and higher, free for preschoolers(8:00-16:00) Hot
     water: No
Rental: floats, inflatables, rubber boats, parasols, etc.
Beach house: 1 (yakisoba, cold udon, curry rice, pilaf,
    rice balls, BBQ food, draft beer, tea, juice,
    Ice cream, etc.
    *There is also a kitchen car stall that changes daily.
Fireworks: Permitted until 21:00 (cleanup required)
Jet ski : No
Barbecue: Permitted at beach house, ony for those who use the rest area
Smoking: Permitted (however, smoking rules must be strictly observed and there are designated smoking areas)
Pets: Allowed (however, pet etiquette must be strictly observed)
Parking Lot
yes: 300 parking spaces
Public Transportation From Kintetsu Ugata Station to Hamajima by bus bound for "Shukuura" (approx. 20 min.) - 5 min. walk
Car About 45 minutes from the Tamaki IC of the Ise Expressway.
Approximately 30 minutes from the Shiroki IC of the Daini- Ise Highway
Water quality: AA rating (best water quality) (2023)
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