Wagu Kannondo

The bronze sitting statue of Nyorai is an important cultural property.

It was once a place of worship for Shingon esoteric Buddhism monks, and it was built a long time ago.In addition to the bronze sitting statue of Nyorai, which has been designated as a nationally important cultural property, there is also a standing statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon, which has been designated as a designated cultural property of the prefecture. It has been passed down since the Heian period).
*Pets allowed (please inquire in advance)

Founding year: Kamakura


517-0703 Shimacho Wagu, Shima, Mie 2985-7
Required time
15 minutes
Public transportation: 47 minutes by Kintetsu Ugata Station bus bound for Goza Port, get off at "Wagu", walk 15 minutes Route search
By car: Daini Ise Road, about 167 minutes from Shiraki IC via National Routes 260 and 45
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