Goza Tsumekiri Fudoson

Fudo-do Hall is associated with Kobo Daishi.

During the Enryaku era, Kobo Daishi returned from Tang (China) and traveled all over the country to find a place with a good environment to establish a sacred place for the propagation of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. It is said that after a 100-day Goma memorial service on Mt. Konpira, a statue of Fudo Myoo was carved into a natural stone protruding from the ground with his own nails.
The villagers believe in this as Tsumekiri Fudo, and have built a hall to make it a sacred place, making it an absolutely secluded Buddha.
The precincts are lush with greenery and have a tranquil atmosphere, and in addition to Fudo-do, there are Daishi-do, which enshrines the founder Kobo Daishi, Yakushi-do, and Koyasu Jizo.

(Shima Town History Revised Edition, Shima Town Board of Education, 2004)


〒517-0704 Shimacho Goza, Shima City
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1 hours
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Public transportation: 60 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Ugata Station to Goza Port, get off at Goza, and walk 20 minutes.
By car: Daini Ise Road, about 167 minutes from Shiraki IC via National Routes 260 and 50
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