Stone Buddha (Tide Buddha) Jizoson

Jizo stone statue that appears at low tide 
We pray for healing from diseases below the waist and safe childbirth.

This stone statue of Jizo has been enshrined in this lake since ancient times, connecting sentient beings with the Buddha. One day, he stood in old man Yashichi's dream pillow,
``I am Jizo Bodhisattva of Gozaura.'' ``Those who pray with all their heart will be cured of diseases below the waist.I have a place where I can soak in seawater, and I will always wash away sufferings on behalf of all people.'' Don't move me anywhere."
Since then, people who are suffering from illnesses below the waist, those who want to conceive a child, and those who pray for a safe delivery have made their own wishes and prayed here.


〒517-0704 Shimacho Goza, Shima City
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Public transportation: From Kintetsu Ugata Station, take the Mie Kotsu bus bound for Goza Port, approximately 1 hour, and get off at the Goza bus stop, then walk 3 minutes.
By car: Daini Ise Expressway, exit at Shiraki IC, via National Routes 167 and 602, approximately 45 minutes.
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