The tree is a city-designated natural treasure that is more than 360 years old. During the cherry blossom season, a "Party to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms, Rice Cakes and Great Water" is held and rice cakes are served by the local traditional performance "Hayamochitsuki" preservation group.

Located at the site of a teahouse at the entrance to the old road over the Osaka Passage, this huge tree is approximately 67 cm in diameter. The flowers are pure white and accompanied by young green leaves, and since it is located near entrance of Ama no Iwato, it is a sight for many tourists in spring.


Erihara, Isobe-cho, Shima 517-0208
Time taken
15 minutes
Yes: Free parking of 20 card and XNUMX bus
Public transportation: 10 minutes by bus bound for Ise, 20 minutes walk from Ama-no-Iwato-guchi bus stop.
Car: 32 minutes from Ise Nishi I.C. on Ise Expressway via Ise Road (Prefectural Route 30)
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