Shima B&G Marine Center/Shima Sports Park

Comprehensive sports facility with indoor and outdoor sports

This is a municipal sports facility located on the southernmost tip of the Shima Peninsula, the Sakishima Peninsula.   
Although this facility was established for the purpose of improving the health of citizens, anyone can use it, including those from outside the city. In addition, it can be used by individuals or groups, so it can be used by family or friends, or for university training camps.                        
Although the facility is not equipped with the latest equipment, why not enjoy some sports while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Kumano Sea and delicious seafood.

How to read

freeShima B&G Kaiyo Center/Shima Sougo Sports Kouen
Shimabiandoji Kaiyo Sentaa/Shinasou Gosupo Otsukoen
RomajiShima B&G Kaiyousentaa / Shima sougousupootsukouen
EnglishShima B&G Ocean Center / Sports Park


517 Fuseda, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0702-1101 
Opening hours
Posted on the homepage (please contact us for details)
Reservation link
Facilities, etc.
Arena, training room (martial arts hall), meeting room, tennis court, multipurpose ground, pool (July and August only)
Closing days
Mondays (the next day if Monday is a holiday), December 28th - January 4th
yes: 70 parking spaces
Public transportation: Sanko bus bound for Goza, get off at Fuseda west exit, 4 minutes walk
Car: About 1 hour from Ise Expressway Ise Nishi IC
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