Barbecue on board Daitomaru Kanko boat

You can enjoy a tour of Matoya Bay and an authentic charcoal BBQ on the boat!

Daitomaru Kanko's sightseeing boat, Manatee-1, is equipped with facilities for enjoying barbecue and karaoke.
We hope you will enjoy the tastes of Shima, especially Matoya Bay.

BBQ Menu

■Turban shell course: XNUMX yen
■Abalone or Ise lobster course XNUMX yen
■Matoya Bay full course: XNUMX yen
■Matoya oysters full course (winter only) 3,800 yen
(per person, tax not included, drinks not included)


■Bottled beer XNUMX yen
■Shochu: XNUMX yen
■Sake XNUMX yen
■Juice XNUMX yen
Please refrain from drinking alcohol if you are driving a car.


  • [Tour duration] 60 hour
  • [Charter fee] 1 yen for 10 to 10,000 people.
    If the number of passengers exceeds 10, an additional 1 yen per person will be charged. 1,000-person charter is also available for groups of 10 or less.
  • [Group discount] From 10 people - 1 yen / person
  • [Facilities] Karaoke, air-conditioning and heating
  • [Departure time] Departs after XNUMX:XNUMX AM according to the customer's schedule.
  • [Parking] Watakano opposite shore (toward Anori): Please use the Daitomaru Kanko Parking Lot.
  • In the direction of Matoya: Please use a private toll parking lot.
  • The road on the opposite side being easier to drive, we recommend arriving on that side (Anori side)


517-0205 Isobecho Watakano, Shima, Mie 467-3
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Public Transportation: 20 minutes from Ugata Station. Board a bus for Anori and disembark at Watakano ferry terminal.
Car: Approx. 50 minutes from Ise Nishi IC on Ise Expressway.
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