Yumotokan New Hamajima Hananokan Tsubaki

An enchanting inn where you can experience the soothing "Beauty Hot Spring"

Located in the bustling fishing town of Hamajima, this inn boasts spectacular vistas and the pride of Ise-Shima: a natural hot spring that gushes forth for the very first time. Immerse yourself in the hot spring's ambiance while gazing upon the tranquil scene of small boats drifting by.
Our in-house "Beauty Hot Spring," drawn from a private source, is renowned for its remarkable rejuvenating properties, making it a favorite among repeat visitors. Whether in the panoramic baths, open-air baths, or private baths, you can relish the dual experience of hot springs and breathtaking scenery.Take a moment to sink into these rejuvenating waters while overlooking the sea, which transforms its countenance with each passing dawn and dusk, creating unforgettable memories.
For your dining pleasure, savor the bounty of Ise-Shima's seas, including the renowned Ise lobsters, as part of our exquisite cuisine offerings.

In-house "Beauty Hot Spring"

Dive in the "Beauty Hot Spring" renowned for its skin-smoothing properties, available in both our scenic observation bath and open-air hot spring.
Our observation bath offers a grand panoramic view, where you can gaze upon the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Kishu mountain range, creating a moment of sheer bliss during your stay.


Located in a region known for its thriving fishing industry, this area offers an abundance of seafood delights throughout the year. Among them, the exquisite flavor of Ise lobsters stands out, renowned not only for its taste but also because harvested Ise lobsters are offered as offerings to Ise Jingu Shrine. This association has earned Hamajima the nickname "Town of Ise Lobsters." Furthermore, our seasonal cuisine showcases the freshest ingredients from the "Beautiful Country, Mie," including delectable abalone and Matsusaka beef, creating exceptional dishes that capture the essence of the region.


This inn perched in a location of stunning natural beauty offers sweeping vistas of the majestic Kumano Nada. To fully immerse you in this remarkable panorama, our guest rooms feature large windows that invite the breathtaking view indoors. With a dedicated emphasis on crafting a tranquil and serene environment, our inn is designed to provide a relaxing retreat for couples, families, and children. Of particular note is our special suite, where a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western design elements creates a refined space that combines comfort and beauty, allowing you to enjoy moments of pure luxury.


517 Hamajimachō Hamajima, Shima, Mie 0404-3020
number of rooms / capacity
33 rooms (29 japanese style and 4 half japanese/westerns tyle)
WEB site
1 night 2 meals: from 21,000 yen to 39,000 yen
Prices do not include tax.
check in out
Check in: From 15:00 / Check out: Until 10:00
yes: 40 parking spaces
Location: Kashikojima Station
Reservation: Necessary
Time: Scheduled
Others: 14:45, 15:45, 16:45, 17:45
Dinner: Restaurant (non-buffet)
Breakfast: Restaurant (non-buffet)
Facility outline
Sea view from your room
Non-smoking rooms available
No pets allowed
There is a plan recommended for women's groups
There is a plan recommended for children
We have a plan recommended for couples
Highly recommended dinner plan
Hot spring name
Hamajima Onsen - Beauty's Hot Spring
Day trip bathing
Wounds and burns, pruritus and keratosis, rheumatic diseases, chronic digestive diseases, chronic hepatobiliary diseases, diabetic gout and urogenital obesity, chronic urinary tract diseases, urticaria, chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis
Spring quality
Sodium-bicarbonate/chloride cold mineral spring
Number of baths
Inner hot spring (men's): 1, inner hot spring (women's): 1, open-air (men's): 1, open-air (women's): 1, private inside: no, private open-air: yes, sauna: no, Jacuzzi: no
sunrise, sunset, sea, mountains
Shampoo, body soap, hair dryer
Facilities, etc.
Bar lounge, coffee corner, shop, games area.
Public transport: Kintetsu Ugata Station < Route bus 25 mins -> Flea Hirano (for Shukuura)
Car: 50 mins from Ise Nishi IC on Ise Expressway.
  From Ise Expressway Tamaki IC, approx. 45 mins (via Sunny Road)
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