Village & Hotel Shima Mediterranean Village

The Mediterranean Village that doesn't require a passport

Located within the rich natural beauty of Ise Bay, the "Shima Mediterranean Village" sprawls across approximately 10,000 square meters of expansive grounds. This resort offers villa-style accommodations, hot springs, restaurants, cafes, shops, as well as activities like cruising, fishing, and craft workshops. It's a stay-and-experience resort that allows you to leisurely immerse yourself in the charms of the resort, offering both relaxation and adventure at your own pace.

Natural hot springs with an arabic design inspired by the Alhambra Palace

Our hot spring facility boasts an Arabian-style ambiance reminiscent of the Mediterranean Spanish city of Granada. Here, you can immerse yourself in a distinctive setting featuring unique design elements, enchanting music, and exotic fragrances that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Long-awaited spa building

Shima Mediterranean Village
arabic style

It's a natural hot spring with an Arabian-style ambiance. In addition to the design, you can also delight in the music and fragrances that complement the experience.

Spanish 1-star restaurant appears !

Rias by Kokotxa

Rias by Kokotxa is curated under the supervision of Kokotxa, a renowned establishment in the gourmet city of San Sebastian.

Choose the room of your choice!

Shima Mediterranean Village
120 square meter villa suite

We offer a variety of room types, ranging from spacious villa-style suites of approximately 120 square meters to compact twin rooms.

Lunch + Onsen Plan (Limited to 1 groups per day)

Rias by Kokotxa

Introducing our day-trip package, which includes lunch at the newly renovated "Rias by Kokotxa" restaurant in partnership with a one-star Michelin restaurant in Spain, along with access to our Arabian-style hot springs. This package has been available since February 2019, 2.

Shima Mediterranean Village Shuttle Bus Service

Shima Mediterranean Village - Ugata station: 20 minutes (free of charge).

Day visitors can enter the village from 10:00 to 16:30. Personnel fee: Adults 700 yen, elementary school students 300 yen

*Please leave your suitcases at the coin locker (charged) information desk (charged) on the 2nd floor of Ugata Station before boarding the bus if you are a day-trip passenger.

Way in: From Ugata station

14:4015: 40 *16: 40 *

Way back: from Shima Mediterranean Village

9: 10 *10: 10 *11:10

*Hotel lodgers only

Please note that, due to priority given to our staying guests, there may be instances where day-trip guests cannot board the transportation shortly before departure. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding. In cases where staying guests are absent, there may be instances when transportation services are canceled. For inquiries about the return bus service, please speak with the driver of the shuttle bus at the destination. If none of the above options are available or if the bus is full, we recommend using a taxi (one-way, approximately XNUMX yen) from the station or a sea taxi departing from the Kashikojima Port (reservation required, one-way from Kashikojima Port approximately XNUMX yen) for your return journey.

Bicycle rental from Ugata Station

We highly recommend renting electric bicycles from Ugata Station to visit the Shima Mediterranean Village. You can rent them at the Shima City Tourist Association located within Ugata Station. It's just a 20-minute ride, and you can enjoy a leisurely drive without getting tired while taking in the beautiful sea and magnificent scenery thanks to the engine. Make your way to the Shima Mediterranean Village and soak in the experience.

About the pool


Enjoy our refreshing pool with a backdrop of the beautiful Ago Bay and the invigorating sea breeze. Please note that this pool is exclusively available for our staying guests.

periodJuly 2023 7 - September 7 XNUMX
Scheduled for Sunday, October 2023, 9
Opening hours 9:00 ~ 18:00

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517-0403 Hamajimachō Hazako, Shima, Mie 2619-1
number of rooms / capacity
53 rooms (53 western style rooms) Incentive maximum capacity 160 people
WEB site
1 night 2 meals: from 16,100 yen to 44,150 yen
1 night with breakfast: from 10,600 yen to 38,650 yen
check in out
Check in: From 15:00 / Check out: Until 11:00
yes: 170 parking spaces
Location: Ugata Station Reservation
Reservation: Necessary
Time: Scheduled
Others: Advance notice required
Dinner: Restaurant (buffet), Restaurant (other than buffet)
Breakfast: Restaurant (buffet), Restaurant (other than buffet)
Facility outline
Sea view from your room
Internet access in your room
You can stay the night
There is a plan recommended for women's groups
There is a plan recommended for children
We have a plan recommended for couples
Lodging that accepts single travelers
Highly recommended dinner plan
Hot spring name
Ago Bay Onsen "Spa Alhambra"
Day trip bathing
Possible (lunch set plan only)

Irregular (consult the page above in the "news and event" section

[Bathing hours]
14:30 - 16:30 (last entry 30 minutes before closing)

[Bathing Fees]
Price of the Lunch Set Plan

・Concha Lunch & Spa Plan: 6,000 yen

・Peral Lunch & Spa Plan: 8,000 yen

[Towel rental]

[Bath towel rental]
Neuralgia, muscle pain, sensitivity to cold, convalescence, fatigue, health imrpovement, chronic women's diseases, etc.
Spring quality
Sodium chloride spring (heated, circulating filtered)
Number of baths
Inner hot spring (men's): 1, inner hot spring (women's): 1, open-air (men's): 1, open-air (women's): 1, Inner private bath: none, provate open-air bath: none, sauna: yes, Jacuzzi: none
Sunrise, Sea (Ago Bay)
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, lotion, milky lotion, cleanser, hair dryer, locker (usage fee: included in basic fee)
Facilities, etc.
Cafes, restaurants, stores, etc. in Shima Mediterranean Village
Public Transportation: 15 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Ugata Station
By Car: Approx. 40 minutes from Tamaki IC on Ise Expressway
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