A retreat for adults filled with tranquility. All-room hot spring with open-air bath

The "shore" of "Basara Residence" means the water's edge. Basara" also means "free and easy.
The total site area is 18 tsubo, and the number of guest rooms is 15 in all. There are three types of spacious guest rooms in the "villa Umisato no Hanare" and XNUMX rooms in the existing building. All rooms have an open-air bath, so you can enjoy bathing at your own leisure. In addition, no two rooms are alike, even in the same building, and each room has its own unique flavor.
Inside the hotel, there is the "Aranya Spa" where you can enjoy Ayurveda treatments, and the "Lounge aoi" where you can spend time in the high quality interior and comfortable background music, where you can relax and spend time.
There are three private baths where you can enjoy the "Ise-Shima Kashikojima Onsen".
Ten no Kagami is an unparalleled private bath where you can enjoy the view of Ago Bay all to yourself.
Kuyurinobiri is a silky bath.
The ultra-fine air bubbles have a pleasant healing and warming effect, and are very popular with women who feel warm and refreshed after bathing.
A third private bath, "Tsuki no Miya" opened in October 2013.
Meals are served at the Japanese-style dining restaurant Sakana Hen.
The menu changes monthly, using the best of the season's ingredients.
One of the pleasures of traveling is the menu, which can only be tasted on that particular day, using fresh seafood freshly landed that morning.
One of the pleasures of traveling is the menu, which can only be tasted on that particular day,
Please enjoy your holiday in Basara style.

Private bath "Ten no Kagami"

The "Heavenly Mirror" is a spacious private bath with a site area of XNUMX square meters, a rarity in Japan.
This open-air bath overlooks Ago Bay.
A renewal in July XNUMX created a changing living room where you can relax and unwind.
In addition, based on the concept of not only "entering" the bath but also "seeing" the bath, guests can enjoy an unprecedented luxury time with Ago Bay.

The phantom lobster "Yawaraka Ebi no Sagittata" (soft-shelled prawn)

Phantom lobsters are lobsters that have just molted.
The lobsters are served in their shells just after molting.
The lobster is simply deep-fried and the original flavor of the ingredient can be enjoyed.

Guest Rooms - Wind Wing

The Wind Wing was renovated in April 2014. The private deck terrace, indoor bath, and outdoor bath in the garden have been reborn. Please enjoy the Ise-Shima Kashikojima Onsen with gentle sunsets and star-filled skies.


517-0501 Agocho Ugata, Shima, Mie 3618-74
number of rooms / capacity
18 rooms (18 Japanese-Western rooms, 1 barrier-free room) / Capacity: 62 people
WEB site
1 night 2 meals: from 30,000 yen
check in out
Check in: From 15:00 / Check out: Until 11:00
Location: Kashikojima Station
Reservation: unnecessary
Time: Unscheduled.
Other: After 15:00 at check-in time, anytime after 11:00 at check-out time, last XNUMX:XNUMX at check-out time
Facility outline
Sea view from your room
Non-smoking rooms available
Internet access in your room
Barrier-free rooms
No pets allowed
There is a plan recommended for women's groups
We have a plan recommended for couples
Highly recommended dinner plan
Public transportation: 3 minutes from Kintetsu Kashikojima Station (pick-up service available)
Car: 35 minutes from Ise-nishi IC of Ise Expressway
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