Haifu - Asian Onsen

All rooms have open-air hot spring to enjoy a bath with an ocean view

To reach our inn, enjoy a short XNUMX-minute mini cruise by boat, adding to the adventure. Our inn boasts an Asian-inspired atmosphere reminiscent of a southern island paradise. Every room is equipped with an open-air hot spring bath, drawing from our private source, allowing you to soak in the soothing hot springs at your leisure. For dining, relish in a creative Japanese kaiseki meal featuring fresh local seafood, prepared right in front of you at our open kitchen. How about experiencing a tranquil journey on this "island," where time seems to slow down, offering ultimate relaxation?

Asian atmosphere reminiscent of a southern island

Custom imported furniture

Creative Kaiseki Cuisine revolving around seafood

Your dining experience awaits at "Kaifu," our restaurant with an open kitchen concept. For dinner, savor our creative monthly changing Japanese kaiseki meal, enriched with an abundance of fresh seafood. The meal includes appetizers, sashimi, soup, delightful Chinese dishes, meat courses, seasonal specialties, unique rice dishes, and a delicious dessert. In the morning, you can choose from a set menu that offers a combination of both Japanese and Western breakfast options.

Full-scale esthetic salon

Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda's wisdom, we offer a range of treatments tailored to address your specific body's needs and constitution. These treatments utilize specially formulated oils, predominantly warmed sesame oil, to harmonize your body's balance. By inducing perspiration, these therapies assist in eliminating accumulated toxins, promoting rejuvenation, and guiding you towards both beauty and well-being, enhancing both your physical and mental state.


517 Isobecho Watakano, Shima, Mie 0205-524
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Location: Ugata Station Reservation
Reservation: Necessary
Time: Scheduled
Time: Scheduled at 14:40, 15:40, 16:40
No pets allowed
Hot spring name
Kazemachino Bath
Day trip bathing

Needs to be confirmed on the day

[Bathing hours]
11:00 - 20:00 (Please note that you may be asked to wait for cleaning, etc.)

[Bathing Fees]
Adult 1,500 yen, Child 1,000 yen

[Towel rental]

[Bath towel rental]
Cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, frail children, chronic women's diseases, neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, cold sores, convalescence, fatigue, health improvement, chronic constipation, etc.
Spring quality
Sodium calcium chloride spring (therapeutic spring)
Number of baths
Inner hot water (men's): 2, inner hot water (women's): 2, open-air (men's): 2, open-air (women's): 2, private: Yes, private open-air: No, sauna: No, Jacuzzi: No
Facilities, etc.
・Garden open-air bath "Wind-waiting port
  (Akasuri Corner) (After-bath area) (Scaffolding Corner) (Onsen Shrine)
・Large public baths with a view "Matoya's Bay" and "Shima's Bay"
・After-bathing salon "Yunagifune" and "Kazemaitatei"
20 minutes from Kintetsu Ugata Station, 3 minutes by ferry Car:
3 minutes by ferry from the opposite shore of Watakano Island
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