The Hiramatsu Hotels: Resorts Kashikojima

A "stay restaurant" born in Shima

"THE HIRAMATSU HOTELS & RESORTS Kashijima" was born on July 2016, 7 with the concept of European inn", and is a small 15-room hotel that values the finest cuisine and the Japanese spirit = attentive hospitality. & luxury hotel. All 8 rooms overlook the ocean and are decorated with different furniture, allowing you to enjoy a different view of the world. The dishes are made using only the finest ingredients from all over the country, with a focus on fresh, high-quality local ingredients. We offer a full course meal based on French cooking techniques, such as black abalone carpaccio, turban fricassee, and charcoal-grilled spiny lobster, using the freshest seafood from Ise-Shima. Enjoy. Furthermore, there is a thalasso program that uses seawater from the local Kashiwajima Island, and you can receive all-hands treatments. This is a place where you can not only `taste" but also stay,"``heal," and 'travel." A restaurant to stay at.

Enjoy the finest cuisine in a private space.

The restaurant has six private rooms and one dining area, where you can enjoy both dinner and breakfast in a private space. Eating while looking out at the view of Ago Bay outside the window is a special experience. Enjoying delicious food and wine in our moderately sized private space will make you feel the ultimate in happiness.

Hot springs you can enjoy anytime

Each room in the separate building has a hot spring bath, with a large granite bath in the center of the spacious bathroom. You can enjoy the rare hot spring bath in the guest room itself, rather than in the open-air bath, without having to worry about time.

Beautiful scenery and the luxury of doing nothing

Each room, as well as the dining and lounge areas, offers a delightful view of the changing seasons and moods of the sea. Whether you choose to read, take a leisurely nap, or simply immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of the sea, sky, and gentle breeze, take a moment to forget time and fully indulge in the ultimate hotel stay experience at "The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts."


517-0501 Agocho Ugata, Shima, Mie 3618-52
number of rooms / capacity
8 rooms (8 western style rooms)
WEB site
1 night 2 meals: from 70,200 yen
check in out
Check-in: from 15:00 / Check-out: 11:00
yes: 8 parking spaces
Location: Kashikojima Station
Reservation: Necessary
Time: Unscheduled.
Dinner: Restaurant (non-buffet)
Breakfast: Restaurant (non-buffet)
Facility outline
Sea view from your room
Non-smoking rooms available
Internet access in your room
No pets allowed
Lodging that accepts single travelers
Highly recommended dinner plan
Public transportation 5 minutes ride in taxi from Kashikojima station
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