Resort Park Tomoyama (tomoyama kanko hotel)

The sprawling XNUMX-square-meter resort is your private zone to express your unique style of travel!

Daioh Town, known as the "Town of Artists," is famous for its nostalgic streets lined with stone walls and a lighthouse overlooking Ago Bay.

Especially, Mt. Tomoyama extends into the middle of Ago Bay, offering a prime viewpoint surrounded by the beautiful Rias coast. "Resort Park Tomoyama" is a vast resort situated in this natural paradise.

Vibrant green trees, glistening sea under the sunlight, and the tranquil beach during the sunset ... The resort covers XNUMX square meters, featuring a variety of accommodation options, from traditional Japanese-style rooms in the main hotel to cottage-style resort lodges. You can choose from activities like mini-golf, swimming in the pool, or enjoying your own private beach. Select your preferred way to experience "Tomoyama" and unwind.

To relax after your adventures, indulge in aromatherapy or soak in the natural hot springs at the "Beauty and Wellness Onsen" observation bathhouse and refresh your mind and body completely.

Source: Nansei Sakurayama Hot Spring "Bitomo no Yu"

Beauty and Wellness Onsen features natural hot springs transported from "Minamisei Sakurayama Onsen."
Stretch out your arms and legs and soothe away the fatigue from your daily life.

Notes & Mentions

  • In the morning, fresh forest trees,
  • At dusk, please relax and enjoy the scenery that is tinted in Akane-iro.
  • We look forward to seeing you.


517-0604 Daiōcho Funakoshi, Shima, Mie 2746-37
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Location: Kashikojima Station
Reservation: Necessary
Time: Scheduled
You can stay the night
Hot spring name
Bitomo no Yu
Day trip bathing

Unregular holidays

[Bathing hours]
15:00 ~ 21:00

[Bathing Fees]
Adults 800 yen

Child 600 yen

[Towel rental]
100 yen

[Bath towel rental]
150 yen
Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, sensitivity to cold, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, convalescence, fatigue, health promotion
Spring quality
Alkaline simple hot spring
Number of baths
Inner hot spring (men's): 1, inner hot spring (women's): 1, open-air (men's): 0, open-air (women's): 0, Inner private bath: none, open-air private bath: none, sauna: none, Jacuzzi: none
Hair dryer
Rinse-in shampoo
Body soap
Facilities, etc.
Coffee Corner・Outdoor swimming pool (summer only)・Dance hall
Stores・Tennis court・Banquet hall・Karaoke rooms・Putting golf course
Public Transportation: 15 minutes by car from Kintetsu Ugata or Kashikojima Station
       15 minutes by car from Kintetsu Ugata or Kashikojima Station
Voiture : 50 minutes d'Ise Nishi IC sur l'autoroute d'Ise.
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