Shima Tourist Information Center Just Had Its Soft Reopening! (May 25 (Mon.))

Shima Tourist Information Center just had its Soft Reopening on May 25 (Mon.)!
With our fragrant cedar pamphlet racks and our new PCs equipped with Internet connection, we hope we’ve created a welcoming environment where tourists can easily look up information.
We’ve also stocked up on pamphlets in multiple languages, and we have English-speaking staff who can help you so that your trip is stress-free!
In addition, we also have an electronic translator to help us communicate in other languages as well!
Our Grand Reopening will be on June 1 (Mon.)!
We’re right inside Ugata Station, so please stop by when you come visit Shima!
We’ll help provide you with the best tourist information to make the most of your trip!

<Services Provided>
・Portable Wi-Fi Rentals (Fee Charged)
・PCs with Internet Connection
・Smartphone Chargers (Free)
・Wheelchair Rentals (Free)
・Multi-Language Pamphlets
・English-Speaking Staff

place1670-2 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie
517-0501 JAPAN
ContactEmail: info@shimakanko_master