A G7 Summit experience where participants can feel like a G7 leader and experience a scenic excursion to the Ise-Shima National Park where they can enjoy the culture and traditional performing arts of ama divers.

Get a firsthand look at where a G7 summit was held and enjoy a traditional puppet show performance with lunch served by ama divers.

Shima City is one of only four locations in Japan to have hosted a G7 summit, and this year the city hosted the G7 Transport Ministers’ Meeting in Ise-Shima. The city is known for its beautiful natural environment and was the reason it was selected to host the previous event. The entire city is designated as Ise-Shima National Park, and it is known throughout Japan as a place where nature and people coexist in beautiful harmony. Shima is known as a miketsukuni, one of three regions that have made offerings of regional foods to the Imperial family and the Imperial Court since ancient times. The region is deeply rooted in various traditional food cultures, including that of ama diversregion. The special G7 summit experience makes the most of these valuable resources unique to Shima, including: a dinner menu inspired by the summit at the facility where the summit was held; a tour of the memorial museum exhibiting the round tables and chairs used at the summit; and a guided tour of the observation deck overlooking Kashikojima, where the summit was held. The program will also offer a scenic excursion that includes an exquisite lunch prepared by working ama divers in a special zone of the national park, where visitors can try out ingredients local to Shima. There will also be a special performance of a traditional puppet show, designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.