Shima took the 1st place! (Tripadvisor)

According to the survey of Tripadvisor(c) released on December 1st 2020, Shima city was chosen as the best tourist destination in Japan!

This survey was reflecting the recent trend of domestic travelers who prefer to avoid busy places to hot springs, outdoor activities, and walking in nature.

The ranking is as below;

  1. Shima (Mie prefecture)
  2. Nikko (Tochigi prefecture)
  3. Hakone (Kanagawa prefecture)
  4. Shirahama (Wakayama prefecture)
  5. Beppu (Oita prefecture)
  6. Ito (Shizuoka prefecture)
  7. Hakuba (Nagano prefecture)
  8. Karuizawa (Nagano prefecture)
  9. Fuji Kawaguchiko (Yamanashi prefecture)
  10. Yufu (Oita prefecture)

The result was based on the replies from 3429 people of USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, and the data from search outcome and hotel-reservations between December 2020 to January 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Japan’s Go To Travel Campaign, the major hotels and ryokans in Shima city are almost fully booked on weekends lately.

Because Shima is rich in nature, and there are many options for seafood and outdoor activities such as canoeing and fishing, it becomes more attractive tourist destination for domestic travelers.

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